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About Daniel:
Born in France from Italian parents, Daniel was raised in a small town in Northern France where dogs are simply part of the family.

Playing with a dog  then was as normal as children playing with video games now. When Carlo mentioned the Italian Spinone , I did my research.  So much is available on line and true to the breed .

Their history is fascinating but more impressively is their character.  Yes a good hunter,  but specially  a smart dedicated loving friend with a sense of humor. I was sold !

Viva and Bianca were so good we had to breed them. Daniel  found Argo di Bunari  in Northern  Italy, a roan stud and brought him back.  The first two litters from DanCarlo were born in January 2014

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Oshawa Ontario Canada

About Carlo:
“I have bred dogs ,all my life….40 years. I first heard about the Italian Spinone from my cousin Rick, On his death bed, Rick’s dream was to get well and get himself a Italian Spinone to hunt with …. Rick passed away and never owned his dream dog.
Carlo never forgot that moment, he shared it with Daniel .

The interest for finding and owning a Spinone  started then, Bianca and Viva,  two white females  from the same litter started the passion and love for the breed .